Leanne Crow is smiling to her viewers

Do you like watching big tits girls smile at you? Well for that I wanted to share some nice pictures of Leanne Crow who is always smiling to the camera and revealing her tits. she likes to have get her tits revealed to the camera because it makes her feel sexy, knowing that all the men in that room are getting boners just by looking. Her huge boobs are the size 32JJ and they’re definitely something you would want to play with for the rest of the day. She likes it when men do this to her from behind getting to feel their warm breath blow in her ears.

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Lactating Lesbians C3 and Kel

These two punk type lactating lesbians sure do know how to put on a show for us lovers of all things milky! I think my favorite moment is when Kel squirts her milk up C3’s anal cavity, myself. That is one wicked shot that I’m sure to have some sweet dreams about, and I’ll bet that you will too. Just one more way that milk contribute to a good night’s sleep!

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Drinking From Her Milk Tits

Tatiana and her super sexy Haitian friend just love to taste each others tit milk and squirting it into each others awaiting mouths and all over their big milk filled breasts is leaving me with the incredible urge to get in the middle of this sexy action!

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Get Your Tit Milk Here

tit milk
Rosa is a fine looking specimen of a woman, and not only that she happens to like squeezing her melons until the tit milk starts to flow. Why she even manages to catch some of the delicious nectar in a glass…and you guessed it, she downs the milky substance while we can only watch with our (at least in my case) jaws hanging on the floor!
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Big Chocolate Lactating Milk Tits

lactating milk tits
This big ebony momma has got a wonderful set of lactating milk tits on her, and she just loves to have her man suckle the life stuff from them; however, she was a little short on cash so she readily agreed to have a few photos (and a movie too) taken of her. Hope you enjoyed her tits as much as I did. They’re milking amazing!
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Pregnant Kristy Plays with Her Mik-Laden Tits

Hot Pregnant Tits

Kristy is feeling the pain of hormone induced horniness, and when that happens, it doesn’t matter where she is, the clothes have to come off and the fingers have to do some walking. This time she’s outdoors when the urge hit, and she peels of to rub her swollen pussy and play with her hot milky tits. This young babe has a beautiful set of juggs, and they’re just heavy with moo juice. Mmmm. If you like this, you can see more pregnant porn videos here.

It’s Milking Time

milking tits
Yes, it’s time for the milking tits to have the good stuff emptied, and I’ve brought you along for the show. No need to thank me as I’m just doing what I love to do. Namely, posting and writing about lactation pictures and movies. It’s a tough way to spend an evening…but someone has to do it! lol
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5 Kinky Lactating Porn Movies

lactating porn movies
This uber hot woman with the big milk tits has a lovely little kinky streak to her! Namely that she likes to ram a big vibrator up her hot twat and then drink her own tit milk while her hubby records her antics in what I’m calling, some of the best lactating porn movies that I’ve had the pleasure of watching!
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